The Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine has published the third edition of the Textbook of Maritime Medicine.  This is the third edition and it has been extensively revised and amended. The scope has been extended to include more topics on the health and welfare of seafarers and the challenges of the maritime industries in general, with less focus on the management of a number of clinical conditions as in previous editions.

The aim of this textbook is to promote health at sea. It includes many topics that will be useful for practitioners in the field. Although this textbook is comprehensive, it is by no means final or complete. It will remain a dynamic publication. It will be improved and amended as the field develops as suggestions for change or additional topics are brought forward. Readers are encouraged to get in touch because your input is most welcome!  The chapters in this textbook have been authored by international experts in their field and edited by experienced clinicians at the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine (Sue Stannard, Tim Carter, Alf Magne Horneland and Jon Magnus Haga).